Great Ideas for Christmas Gifts

December 7, 2006

If it’s a woman your shopping for, look no further! The following beauty products are PERFECT!
Pink Martini Sparkle Body PolishBody Polish
Body polish is a great gift idea for women. Body polish is used prior to body treatments. Body polish will enhance the skin’s natural glow.Body polish is available in a wide variety of flavours, such as: Bamboo Sugar, Pink Martini Sparkle, Just Peachy, Mango-Mandarin, and Brown Sugar.

Body ButterBody Butter
Body butter is another GREAT gift for women. Silky smooth whipped moisturizers, including ultra-refined shea butter from Africa, provide enduring softness for your skin and are available in many of our signature fragrances like very vanilla, bamboo sugar cane, yuzu etc. Also note the flavour “The Devil Made Me Do It”. Makes the skin irrestistable!

ColognesPerfumes and Colognes
Perfumes and colognes are wonderful stocking stuffers, for men and women! They are also great stand-alone gifts. I had to do a lot of shopping around to find a good deal on perfumes and colognes online, but I found one. Use the coupon code 557643 for a 10% discount on any purchase of $50 or more. Great deal if your buying a designer fragrance!

LotionHand and Body Lotion
Lotion for your hands and body is essential to the health of a person’s skin. A soft skin is a healthy skin. The application of lotion daily to the hands and body will have truly amazing benefits!

The follow items are also superb gifts for women, and are links to stores with the best prices of each category:
Treatment Oil, Massage Oil, Perfume Oil, Scented Candles, Skin Products, and Soap Products.

As always, Happy Shopping!